About Vayu

Vāyu Tea & Blends is a journey of a family representing the tea farming community with a single motto of providing people with unique & natural blends!

A journey of Amit & his family. Living in London and working in one of the largest Investment Bank. A journey of a financial professional turning into a tea farmer & enthusiast.

Amit left his high paying job to help his mother run her family farms after the sudden demise of his father. A family who have been in Tea Industry for over 50 years.

Working in the farms made him realise that basic aspects of life which we normally take for granted.
In the farming journey, Amit met Harsh a young tea professional & a family friend. With the aim of providing a fresh cup of tea, redefining the perception for a good cuppa and rewarding the tea growers to formation Vāyu Tea & Blends.

We hope you enjoy our blends as much as we have enjoyed curating it.

Welcome to Vāyu World!

Redefining everyday staple luxury in the finest way.

Connect with our Founders via Linkedin:

Amit Kasera

Harsh Vardhan Bihani

Vayu is an aromatic symphony or what we believe a “Jugalbandi” that celebrates the diligent tea farmers and seasoned sommeliers who bond over their mutual love for tea making to create exquisite blends to pour your perfect cup of tea every day.